Event Environmental Initiatives

Splendour Enviro Initiatives

For year's Splendour in the Grass has placed strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, endeavouring to lead the way in sustainable business practices and education programs. Last year, huge strides were made to reduce reliance on bottled water, thus eliminating a huge amount of potential waste.

As well as stringent internal processes for Environmental Best Practice, Splendour has a wide range of front-of-house environmental programs so festival patrons can revel in the good times whilst tipping their hat to our local and global environment.

This year Splendour's environmental programs will continue to be front and centre; from lavishly dressed enviro under-grad students helping explain how best to recycle, to the committed Green Teamers putting recycling in its place and avoiding landfill. Back once again will be the Eco Cops, Waste Warriors, Green Team, our tree planting program, waste, composting and recycling programs and Camp Little Foot(print).

Splendour also believes in personal accountability too so the message to patrons is as follows:

Please leave no camping gear behind when Splendour is over (clothes, tents, gumboots, esky, gazebo's, mattresses). Okay, it sounds bleeding obvious but we need our audience, you, to do the obvious things to keep our beautiful Parklands home in sparkling condition. Each year, some people make the unfathomable choice to leave both rubbish and perfectly functional gear behind. This makes us really sad - it's wasteful and creates extra, unnecessary toil for our over-worked clean-up crew.

The message is simple. Please don't litter and use the multitude of clearly marked garbage sorting stations correctly. Aim to leave zero trace at your campsite and watch your neighbours follow suit.

Splendour hopes to spread the environmental good vibes and lead by example.

Falls Enviro Initiatives

Thinking about the environment and ensuring Parklands natural beauty and its vital eco-systems are preserved is the forefront of the Byron Falls Music and Arts festival ethos.

Each year Falls puts a lot of time, hours and attention into its recycling programs. Sorting by hand all waste during the events resulted in a massive 58.7 tonne of waste diverted from landfill across all 3 Falls sites in 2016.

Tree planting continues to be a key environmental initiative for Falls in Byron with an impressive 1,000 native seedlings planted onsite at Parkland's at the 2016 festival by staff and patrons. This popular initiative complements Parkland's ongoing Habitat Restoration Program.

The Falls Byron event has a dedicated Green Team onsite who encourage people to get involved in green initiatives and keep the site clean. In the construction of Falls Byron there is plenty of up-cycling with elements of the event built from recycled materials around the site where possible. This includes colourful shade structures created from old tents left behind at previous festivals. Speaking of tents, any that are left behind are donated to the Scouts and other groups to reuse or resell.

About 28 cubic meters of fresh, untouched food per Falls event is donated to organisations like Second Bite and Liberation Larder to feed thousands of people in need around Australia. And each year, Falls Byron invites patrons to take up the option of offsetting carbon emissions via Climate Friendly.

Eco Cope Recycling