Community Manager

Neil Johnson is Parklands long-serving and dedicated Community Manager.

In the early 1980s to the late 90's Neil was a formative part of the independent music scene in Sydney and has progressively worked in the Industry and Creative development for more than 30 years in a variety of roles. He moved to the Northern Rivers with his young family in 2000.

As Community Manager Neil operates 4 weeks prior to, during and 2 weeks after any event held at Parklands. He makes contact with immediate residents, local business groups and the wider community when required either in person or via telephone or email.

Neil oversees the distribution of community letters and flyers prior to any event and distributes resident only vehicle passes to the immediate neighbours.

Importantly, he works in conjunction with the event Community Hotline Operators to respond to community issues and relay details of the response back to the Hotline operators so as the information can be documented in their hotline log.

Other duties of our Community Manager include:

Monitoring shuttle bus pick up and drop off zones in Brunswick Heads and Ocean Shores at various times during the events, especially late night returns to offsite accommodation;
Overseeing the distribution of complementary tickets to the local residents who reside in the designated ticket allocation areas.
Traveling constantly around the venue locality monitoring any illegal camping or parking issues and reporting these to the appropriate agency where identified;

The Community Managers Standard can be viewed here

Neil also attends Regulatory Working Group meetings where community issues are regularly discussed.