Trial Approval

The project was granted a 5-year trial approval by the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission in April 2012. The trial approval allows for the following events each year up until the 31st of December 2017:

  • A large event commencing at 25,000 patrons
  • A medium event commencing at 15,000 patrons and;
  • A small event commencing at 10,000 patrons

The total event days per calendar year is 10. Currently Splendour in the Grass (large event) uses 4 events days and the Falls Festival Byron Bay (medium event) also uses 4 event days.

A third event has yet to take place. In April 2016, the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission granted Parklands the ability to host small, non-music focused community events.

So far, Parklands has hosted a local schools tree planting program and two Far North Coast Cross Country PSSA events.

Mod 4

North Byron Parklands Receives 20 Month Extension to Trial Approval

In March of 2017, North Byron Parklands (Parklands) requested a 20-month extension to its 5-year approval with the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E).

This modification sought to extend the trial period dates by an additional 20 months to 31 August 2019. Apart from this extension of time, no other changes to the Concept Plan and Project Approval were requested.

On Tuesday 12 September, 2017, the independent Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) granted the approval for the 20-month extension. This approval now means that the Byron leg of the Falls Music and Arts Festival 2017/2018 (which had been sold 'subject to regulatory approval'), Splendour in the Grass 2018, Falls 2018/2019 and Splendour 2019 will go ahead at North Byron Parklands.

North Byron Parklands is now in the process of putting together its final application to become a permanent sustainable music, arts and community events venue.