State Significant Application

Like any development, North Byron Parklands (Parklands) must work within the requirements of the NSW planning law. Parklands lodged a State Significant Application in December 2017 to become a permanent home for music, arts and cultural events in Northern NSW.

In NSW, some types of development are deemed to have State significance due to the size, economic value or potential impacts that a development may have. Under the current planning framework, any regional development with a proposed capital value of more than $30 million must be referred by Council to the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E).

Revised Proposal
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State Significant Development Application

  • 2 events per year (up to 35,000 patrons)
  • 3 one day events (up to 25,000 patrons)
  • 5 community events (up to 5,000 patrons)
  • 2 x minor community events (up to 1500 patrons)

With a further component being:

  • SITG event increasing to 42,500 (subject to meeting KPIs for 35k event);
  • SITG event reaching 50,000 (subject to meeting KPIs for 42.5k event).

The Environmental Impact Statement is now on public exhibition until February 16, allowing the community a further opportunity to provide feedback. The submissions made by members of the community will then be responded to by Parklands before the DP&E make any recommendation (or otherwise) to approve the application. To make a submission in favour of Parklands remaining a permanent home for music, cultural and community events please click here.