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Welcome to North Byron Parklands (Parklands), a beautiful 660-acre cultural arts and music events venue.

Located at Yelgun in the north of the Byron Shire, Parklands is currently home to two of Australia’s most respected music events (Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festival).

We believe that cultural arts and music events play an important role in society. With strong environmental underpinnings, Parklands is dedicated to creating a sustainable space for the arts and broader community.

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The holding company of North Byron Parklands, Billinudgel Property Trust, is a 100% Australian owned group of

like-minded people with a long history working in entertainment and the arts.







Jessica has been a successful music agent and concert promoter in Australia for over twenty years. She has operated her own booking agency Village Sounds for many years, currently representing Birds Of Tokyo, Bernard Fanning, Art Vs Science and Last Dinosaurs plus many more and co-promoting international tours in Australia with her business partner Paul Piticco for Mumford and Sons, Bloc Party, Hot Chip, Lana Del Rey and others.

Jessica was the co-founder of Sydney's Homebake festival, the first major music festival to provide purely Australian and New Zealand content. She is also the co-founder of winter music and arts festival Splendour In the Grass and more recently became a co-producer and shareholder of the Falls Music and Arts Festival.

Jessica relocated her home and business to Byron Bay in 2002, where she currently lives with her husband and young family.



Paul Piticco has built his career around Australia’s contemporary music landscape. He has managed the career of Powderfinger since the band’s inception in 1990, later forming Secret Service Artist Management in the late 1990’s and expanding the management roster to include Bernard Fanning and The Grates, amongst others.

In 2001 Paul created Dew Process, an independent record label that has signed and released many Platinum and Gold-selling artists such as Mumford & Sons, Sarah Blasko, The Living End and The Panics. He is also Co-Producer of Splendour in The Grass and national touring company Secret Sounds.

In late 2011 Paul opened Popolo, an Italian Kitchen + Bar in Brisbane with Andrew Baturo and Denis Sheahan.

In early 2012 Piticco launched new digital-focused independent label Create/Control. Designed to meet artists’ needs in today’s music industry environment, Create/Control is helmed by the team behind Dew Process and includes artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Metric, The Jungle Giants and Opossom.

Paul has been a Board Member for the Queensland Performing Arts Centre since 2006. He is an active supporter and fundraiser for Youngcare, The Yalari Foundation and Reconciliation Australia.



A qualified lawyer and accountant [though he's never actually practiced either profession] Brandon is passionate about music, art, architecture, urban design, technology and popular culture.

His company, Mixed Media manage and produce a variety of creative industry events including Creative Sydney, the Vivid Ideas exchange and The Qantas Spirit of Youth awards. Brandon is also a founding supporter and vice president of Sydney's largest community radio broadcaster FBi.

Brandon has been living in and around Byron, on and off, for almost twenty years.



General Manager of North Byron Parklands Mat Morris is an environmental scientist with specialist knowledge across the music, manufacturing and transportation industry sectors.

His expertise covers the development of environmental management systems including risk identification, assessment processes and comprehensive compliance audit systems.

Mat’s prior roles include developing waste avoidance and resource recovery strategies for the NSW EPA, developing environmental management systems with State Rail and as an environmental regulator with the Queensland EPA.

Mat is both a qualified environmental management systems auditor and waste auditor.

He lives with his wife and two young children in Bangalow.



In the early 1980s to the late 90's Neil was a formative part of the Independent music scene in Sydney, and has progressivly worked in the Industry and Creative development for 30 years in a variety of roles.

As a pivotal creator in early Web Design in this country, including ABC online, Neil has been on the ground and a freelance initiator of many projects eventually forming his own Web Design Company and moving to the Northern Rivers with his young family in 2000.

With his focus on Community, Neil is dedicated to communicating and creating relationship which has constantly informed his working life.





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Parklands is currently approved to host 3 events per year with a total maximum of 10 event days.


Since its debut in Byron Bay in 2001 Splendour in the Grass has grown to become arguably Australia's most popular music and arts event. The scramble for tickets each year highlights the popularity of this internationally acclaimed event with tickets consistently selling out in record time. Splendour has hosted literally some of the biggest names in contemporary music and continues to be the hot mid winter destination on the Australian music event calendar. For 3 days patrons literally make Splendour their home away from home - there's art, craft, workshops, market stalls, yoga, dance and fusion food. There's the incredibly popular Splendour Forum where guests discuss both the heavy and lighter topics, and ponder the tricky philosophical questions. There's comedy and there's karaoke. There's even a Splendour Day Spa and the Very Small Mall. But most importantly there's music and the spirit of community.


At Parklands we know how important it is to stay in touch with family and friends via mobile telephone. Parklands have been working with various mobile telecommunication companies to provide you with a fast and reliable service that you can count on during events.

Each mobile phone company traditionally provides a Cell on Wheels (otherwise known as a COW) to expand their network coverage and capacity. Check out what you can expect from your carrier below:

  • Optus Customers
    Optus customers can expect good coverage throughout Splendour 2014 through the provision of a COW with a significant relay tower (some 40m), which is located at the venue.
  • Vodafone Customers
    Vodafone customers will also benefit from a COW being strategically placed at the venue to improve coverage and capacity.
  • Telstra Customers
    Telstra customers are going to struggle this year to get a line out or download-upload data as Telstra will not be providing any expanded network infrastructure. Last year Telstra provided two COWs, which resulted in a strong network performance for their customers.
    Parklands has been in contact with Telstra over the last 8 months and we are very disappointed that this major mobile phone service provider will not have any additional network facilities in place. Therefore, its customers will have virtually no mobile phone coverage at one of Australia’s premier outdoor festivals.
    If you’re with Telstra you might want to consider moving to another service provider or at the very least hang out with those of your mates that are on Optus and Vodafone during the event.
  • Surrounding Neighbours
    To our surrounding neigbours who use Telstra mobile, Parklands wishes to apologies in advance for any lack of service during the Splendour in the Grass event. As discussed with local residents at a number of community meetings over the past 12 months, Parklands believed that Telstra was going to install Optic Fibre to the site and provide a number of COWs. We had these commitments in writing however this telco has reneged on these vital service provisions. We are very disappointed that Telstra will not only be letting event patrons down, they will also be letting rural customers down as well.
    Again, our sincere apologies.
  • July 2014
    Parklands is pleased to advise that Telstra has made the commendable decision to deploy 2 COWs for Splendour 2014. We understand that this will improve mobile services for Telstra customers both at Splendour and in the areas immediately surrounding Parklands for the duration of the event.
    With regard to Telstra's permanent solution, Parklands is still in a trial phase and not in a position to invest in permanent infrastructure, but we look forward to working with Telstra on a mutually beneficial plan for the future.
    Following this latest news, we are now pleased to say that all 3 main mobile carriers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – will have additional capacity at Splendour.


Falls is a multi day camping event which takes place at the end of December in Lorne (Victoria), Marion Bay (Tasmania) and now at Parklands in Byron Bay which hosted the inaugural Northern NSW leg Dec 13 / Jan 14th. The event presents music acts from around the globe and has a strong focus on the arts and environment. Over the years Falls Festival has been developed and fostered by a group of family and friends and this tradition continues today. It is one of the most beloved music and arts festivals in Australia.

"Energy levels were clearly high all over the festival, as punters bounded up and down the steep hill which formed one side of the vast natural amphitheatre surrounding the main stage. It is an impressive site to behold, and certainly adds to the essence of wonder and beauty already established by Byron Bay's sister venues in Lorne and Marion Bay." (Music Feeds 2014)

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Parklands Unveils World Class Composting Toilets

North Byron Parklands (Parklands) has today unveiled the largest number of waterless composting toilets at any outdoor event in Australia. Patrons at the upcoming Splendour in the Grass event will be the first to experience these state of the art, waterless and low-odour composting toilets.

Thanks to Byron Shire Council’s commitment to sustainable technologies, council granted Parklands an approval for 258 composting toilets in 2013. Parklands worked with the Australian company Quicksmart Homes who designed and commissioned the 240 bespoke composting toilets and 192 low-flow gas-fired shower stalls. With the 6 pilot composting toilets built in 2013, Parklands now has an incredible 246 waterless units, which will significantly add to patron comfort and amenity.

Being 100% re-locatable this design allows a huge amount of flexibility in terms of providing unique camping and event lay-outs for events held at Parklands. It also supports Parklands’ environmental philosophy to manage water cycles (fresh water and waste water) sustainably.

This initiative will provide a number of key environmental benefits including a significant reduction in waste-water truck movements and a dramatic reduction in waste being sent to the Byron Shire Council owned sewerage treatment plant (STP). Complementing this initiative Byron Shire Council recently provided an approval to augment our existing grey water treatment facility (which processes shower water). This facility can now treat up to 920,000 litres of grey water on site, further reducing the amount of waste water directed to Byron Shire Council’s STP.

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Sustainable cultural arts and music events play an important role in our society both in terms of expressing and strengthening positive social values and providing economic opportunities in the form of employment and income generating opportunities.

In a regional context sustainable arts and music events are particularly important to the wider northern rivers region where they provide substantial social, environmental and economic benefits to a broad group of individuals, businesses, community groups and not for profit organisations.

While such events come with a host of positive benefits, we also recognize that these activities need to be managed in a professional and systematic way to reduce and / or mitigate potential impacts.


Parklands welcomes constructive feedback from our community.

Members of our community are able to contact Parklands either during events or at other times to provide feedback or complaints regarding the performance of events. Feedback or complaints can be lodged in the following manner:

  1. Community hotline 02 6680 4049

  2. Email - community@northbyronparklands.com

  3. By post - P.O Box 517, Bangalow, NSW 2479

  4. Or by filling in the form below


Parklands has appointed a community manager who operates 4 weeks prior to, during and 2 weeks after any event held at Parklands. The community manager also attends regulatory working group meetings where community issues are regularly discussed. The community manager’s role is to:

  1. Develop and maintain relationships with community members across events

  2. Identify key issues

  3. Document and report issues

  4. Environmental Health and Safety Management Manual (EHSMM)

Parklands ESHMM sets out the organisations guiding policies, objectives and targets for the management of identified significant environmental, health and safety risks across all event activities conducted on the site. One of the standards under this management manual deals with ‘offsite management’ issues during events. Matters such as the following are dealt with under this standard:

  • Illegal camping

  • Litter

  • Illegal parking

  • And other community matters


Parklands, Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival have create a Community Grants Program which will currently deliver approximately $40,000.00 every year to local charities and community groups based on current patron capacities.

Splendour in the Grass has donated over $350,000 in direct cash donations throughout the Byron shire during their 13-year history. This figure excludes funds raised through the many hundreds of tickets donated to schools and community groups. It also excludes the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised at the festival itself by community groups over the years.

In its inaugural year at Parklands Falls Festival provided community funding in conjunction with Byron Shire to help deliver the Summer Safe program operated by the Council over the New Year Eve period.

To apply for a community grant please complete and return the community grant application form 2014 before 5.00pm Friday 18th July, 2014. Applicants will be contacted after the event.


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The project approval was granted a trial approval by the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission in April 2012. The trial approval allows for the following events each year up until the 31st of December 2017:

  • A large event commencing at 25,000 patrons

  • A medium event commencing at 15,000 patrons and;

  • A small event commencing at 10,000 patrons

The total event days per calendar year is 10. Currently Splendour in the Grass (large event) uses 4 events days and the Falls Festival Byron Bay (medium event) also uses 4 event days. A third event is yet to be confirmed.

Regulatory Working Group (RWG) The RWG comprises a range of regulatory authorities and Byron Shire Council appointed community representatives. Agencies include:

  • NSW Police

  • Roads and Maritime Service

  • Byron Shire Council

  • Rural Fire Service

  • State and Emergency Service

  • Office of Environment and Heritage

The RWG generally meets prior to an event and the minutes of all RWG meetings are made available to the general public.

  • The minutes from May 05 -2014 meeting here

  • The minutes from March 25-2014 meeting here

  • The minutes from October 16-2013 meeting here

  • The minutes from May 01-2013 meeting here

  • The minutes from February 27-2013 meeting here

  • The minutes from September 12-2012 meeting here

Performance Report

As part of the project approval, Parklands are required to prepare a performance report, which is submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Our first performance report covering Splendour in the Grass 2013 and Falls Festival 13/14 can be found at the following link.

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To manage and enhance the environment in which we operate Parklands has developed a range of policies, procedures and monitoring programs. These include:

Fauna and Flora Management Plan

The FFM Plan has been prepared by a suitably qualified ecologist to manage potential impacts arising from the carrying out of events. The FFMP was prepared in consultation with the Office of Environment and Heritage, Byron Shire Council and the RWG before being approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Fauna and Flora Monitoring Program

The FFM Program has been developed to monitor and assess any impacts of the project on fauna and flora within and adjacent to the site. The Program includes details of locations at which monitoring will be undertaken, procedures and protocols for sampling and analysis methodology used.

The FFM program was prepared in consultation with the RWG before being approved by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Habitat Restoration Program

Parklands has developed a Habitat restoration program which is designed to increase native vegetation across the site, reduce fragmentation between existing forest blocks and improve fauna habitat.

To date, our bush regeneration team has planted thousands of local native trees and shrubs. In assist with this tree-planting program, Parklands have commissioned a large greenhouse, which is used to propagate a range of suitable tree stock for the site.

In addition to planting trees, Parklands also has a weed eradication program to remove local and exotic weeds. This work has been successfully conducted by our bush regeneration team as well as partnering with National Parks and Wildlife Services to manage lands adjoining the Billinudgel Nature Reserve.

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The 660 acre site is 20 minutes south of the Gold Coast airport and 20 minutes

north of Byron Bay.

Coming from Byron (travelling North)

Travel north on Pacific Highway

Take off ramp for Murwillumbah - Tweed Valley Way Exit (past Billinudgel)

Turn left onto Tweed Valley Way and travel 1.2km

Turn right into Gate A at the North Byron Parklands stone column

Coming from Brisbane (travelling South)

Travel south on Pacific Highway

Continue past first Tweed Valley Way exit at Murwillumbah

Take Tweed Valley Way / Brunswick Valley Way Exit at Yelgun rest stop

Turn left onto Tweed Valley Way and travel 1.2km

Turn right into Gate A at the North Byron Parklands stone column.




Mat Morris, General Manager

North Byron Parklands

PO Box 517

Bangalow NSW 2479

02 6680 4049

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